Crafted in small batches in Montana, built for your diet, ready for adventure.

Our certified made-in-Montana, next-generation backcountry meals are a literal game-changer. These meals not only taste great, but keep freshness, flavor, and sustainability at the forefront of design.
What makes RightOnTrek meals different?
Simply put, our meals are different because we care about certain things. We care about the environment and we care about delivering tasty, high-quality food with optimal nutrition.
Unbelievably delicious

Crisp vegetable, tender chicken, HEARTY GRAINS, AROMATIC SPICES, SAVORY BEEF, NOURISHING PASTAS, AND VELVETY SAUCES.... One bite and you won't believe you are eating food this good in the backcountry.

Only good things

In the wilderness, your body needs more than salty carbs, manufactured protein, and chemicals. We look for all-natural ingredients and use minimal fillers or preservatives.

Generous portions

When we say “Feeds Two Hungry Explorers” we really mean it! Our backcountry meals come in at 500 to 600 calories per serving, compared with 300 to 400 of many competitors’ offerings.

Support for diets

Our meals are carefully designed by our chefs, modeled after the diets of the world's foremost explorers, and tailored to your preferences.  We offer Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, No-Gluten, and No-Dairy options. 

A thrill to prepare

Experience preparing and sharing special meals with friends, in the most amazing places on Earth. Our meals cook up fresh in 3 to 10 minutes, compared with the “soak times” of up to 30 minutes for some competitors.

Sustainable packaging

Our unique packaging is 100% bio-based and 60% compostable. Wherever possible we source our third party products from companies that use compostable packaging as well. 

RightOnTrek Meals
Award Winning Meals
Our Bechamel Mac & Cheese was awarded #1 rehydrated M&C by Backpacker Magazine, and we received best in class for mid-priced adventure meals.
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RightOnTrek Backcountry chili meal pouch
We care about the environment.
RightOnTrek has created an industry-first, ultra-light, 100% bio-based, 60% compostable packaging that can also stand up to the beating it’ll take on the harshest backcountry expeditions. Our packaging is now a finalist for the 2023 Outdoor Innovation Awards!
Meals made to fit your diet
Give your body what it needs for sustained activity on the trail. RightOnTrek creates meals that fit a variety of diets so whether you are out for a day hike or a multi-day adventure, you can fuel your body with high quality food that meets your unique nutritional needs.
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See what people are saying about RightOnTrek Meals
Google review
Heather Rideout

"I had the fortunate opportunity of trying out three different dinners by RightOnTrek when I set out to thru-hike the Colorado Trail recently. I was beyond impressed with the taste, quality and intention behind the meals. The single portion was just right for me and I was satisfied and content in my belly. I focus on eating as clean and healthy as I can both in home life and on trail, so RightOnTrek really fits with my values. I tried the High Country Pad Thai, the Chicken Coconut Curry and the Cauliflower Forest Risotto; the Coconut Curry was my favorite, but I would certainly eat any of them again! I really appreciated how none of them were too salty; I love salt while hiking, but not overly laden with sodium and preservatives.

If eating well is important to you while backpacking so you can feel your best, do try RightOnTrek!"

Google Review
Christine Bauman

"Finally a backpacking food company that makes you feel like you brought a chef along instead of salty cardboard. It was amazing! All the individual mods at the end allow you to customize it for each picky eater!"

Google Review
Denae McGrath

"Right on Trek sent me their Mac and cheese meal! And of my goodness my husband and I loved it! Definitely going to be one of our new go to meals for backpacking. I also loved how light weight it was!"

Google Review
Wandering Monk

"I’ve tried many trail meals over the years of hiking America’s Trails. Finally I discovered a brand that offers variety of great tasting and nutritious meals. I can mix and match various spices and assorted snacks. Whether a specific meal or a full menu , RightOnTrek is my brand of choice. Tastes fresh and good, good for me, and all at a great price. Their website is so much more than an online store, it’s a planning tool. You’ve got to check it out!"

Google Review

"Great for taking out with family on a weekend camping or hiking trip. I love the various sizes and variety of tasty meals they offer. Highly recommend RightOnTrek."

Google Review
Chris Harper

"If you are looking for a great tasting meal for camping, backpacking or the outdoors then I would check these meals out. They are affordable, easy to make and taste great! You can get them in 1 or 2 person meals which is good as well because some other companies only offer 2 person meals and not everyone can eat that amount."

Instagram Review
Roaming Reckless
screenshot of roaming reckless instagram review of rightontrek
Instagram Review
Firearms and Outdoor Gear

"RightOnTrek is here to make your life easier with their premium single pouch meals or take advantage of their multi-day meal plans"

Blog Review
Hiker to Hiker
Youtube Review

"I’m telling you, you’ve had pasta at chain Italian restaurants that wasn’t this good."

screenshot of youtube review "Keithtube" holding RightOnTrek Beef Bolognese
Blog Review: Top 10 Outdoor Gifts for 2022
Mtn Weekly

"Sometimes … out deep in the backwoods you want something delicious as hot chocolate. However, it can be hard to find so RightOnTrek developed the most delectable camp food you can find."

5 things for the camper this gift giving season
Camping & RVing BC Blog

"Have you ever thought of giving a meal to your camping friend(s)?  Well, with my third item(s) you can with Right on Trek – the place to get pre-made, fresher, quicker and more flavorful meals. They can really help those that like to plan and have every meal prepared in advance. They have less packaging and are easier to make than conventional cooking, especially if you or your friends camp alone or are backpackers, fishers, or backcountry campers. The adventure meals are delicious and can be planned with their laid out meal plans."

screenshot of RightonTrek meals from review by Camping and RVing BC blog
Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I cook RIghtOnTrek Meals?
Our meals aren't meant to be rehydrated with hot water in the bag, so you cook them in the pot just like you would on your stove at home. Out in the field, you will need a pot and a lightweight portable stove that boils water and simmers on lower heat. Easy-to-follow cooking instructions are printed on every package.
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Can I soak or cook your meals in the pouch?
We do not recommend soaking our meals in the pouches because they are not rated for heat. It is possible to soak our meals in a heat-rated vessel, but it increases the cook time by 200% (or even more at altitude!). While most pouch-soaked, freeze-dried meals are designed to be able to sit on a shelf for decades and then take up landfill space for millennia, RightOnTrek meal pouches are made of 100% bio-based materials and can be burned in your campfire after use. All RightOnTrek meals also cook in 10 minutes or less, compared to 15 to 35 minutes for soaking freeze-dried meals in pouches. Did you realize that when you rehydrate freeze dried meals in the pouch, the food is being cooked for a second time? Who wants to eat leftovers? Instead of packing out heavy packaging with leftover goop inside, we recommend trying the active cooking method for a tastier, healthier, and more sustainable backcountry meal experience!
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Are RightOnTrek Meals freeze-dried or Dehydrated? What makes them shelf-stable?
Our ready-to-cook meals are made up of a combination of the very best air dried and freeze dried ingredients. Then we create unique blends of the dry ingredients into meals that taste great and cook in ten minutes or less - faster than rehydrating freeze-dried meals in pouches. We use high-barrier packaging that has an oxygen absorber ( or is nitrogen purged ) and heat sealed for 18-month shelf life. Our products are made to fuel your next adventure - not to just sit on the shelf.
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What is the shelf life of your meals?
Our meal products have a shelf life of 18 months post manufacturing date. To ensure optimum shelf life over a long period, we recommend storing the meals in dry indoor environment with relatively stable temperatures.
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Portion sizes: does the 2P really feed two people? Does the 4P really feed four people?

The generous portion sizes of all our meals stand head and shoulders above most competitors. Single-serving dinners range from 500 to 600 kCal each. Our "2P" meals are double the size of single serving, and have 1,000 to 1,200 kCal, with 40 to 60g protein per unit. Likewise, our 4P meals are FOUR TIMES the size of our standard individual serving... you'll definitely want to share!

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What size pot should I use?
Pot size depends on how many people you are cooking for. Our meals come in various sizes, such as 1 person, 2 person, and 4 person, so cooking pot size should match the meal size. We recommend 1 liter for solo cooking, 1.5 liters for groups of two, and 3.2 liters for groups of four.
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How much fuel do I need to cook RightOnTrek meals?
How much fuel you will need for your trip will depend on three key factors:
  1. How many people in your group?
  2. How many hot meals per day?
  3. Cold winter, cool season, or summer conditions? You can follow this guide for how much ISOBUTANE fuel to bring for a typical backcountry canister stove: * 1 person, summer: 1.25 OZ per day / winter: 2 OZ per day * 3 people, summer: 2.25 OZ per day / winter: 3 OZ per day For example, on a 3-day summer trip with two people eating two hot meals per day, you'd need about 5 OZ of isobutane fuel; equivalent to one tiny fuel canister, or a little less than one medium-size (8oz) fuel. In cold conditions, keep your isobutane canisters warm prior to use to maximize burn time. Here is another helpful link: How much fuel should I carry?"
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What do I need to do differently to cook meals at high altitudes?
Our meal products are tested between 3000' and 6000' feet in the wild places of Northwest Montana. For elevations greater than 6000', you may need to add slightly more water and increase cooking times to compensate for the lower boiling temperature. In general, a good rule of thumb is to add 3% more water and cook 30 sec longer for every 1000' elevation above 6000'. That means, for example, if you find yourself ready for a delicious hot meal to enjoy atop the summit of a Colorado 14er, you would add 25% more water and cook 4 minutes longer. Bring more fuel for these trips!
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Can I burn the bag?

Burning our bio-based pouches, if necessary for ease of transport, is just fine. If your meal came with front/back labels, be sure to remove those first. Please do so while taking into account the Leave No Trace principles for low-impact campfires:

  • follow local and seasonal regulations for permission to have campfires
  • avoid campfires that will leave burn scars on hard surfaces or large trees
  • make sure the smoke from your fire does not affect other campers' experience
  • make sure the fire is 100% out when you leave
  • pack out any trash that did not burn completely to ash Our bio-based meal pouches will not off-gas any dioxins or heavy metals in the process, but we encourage you to distance yourself from the smoke.