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Epic Adventures Await in Montana!

Whether you’re already here, on your way, or only dreaming about it - the options for taking in the great outdoors are seemingly endless in western Montana. The glacial-carved terrain, summer and fall wildflower-filled meadows, snow-fed streams and rivers and amazing winter wonders are waiting.

Day Adventures

AVAILABLE MAY - OCT: Nearly everything you need for a day of wilderness exploration in and around Glacier Country from day pack picnic kits to trekking poles to bear spray.


AVAILABLE: MAY - OCT: Load up on tents, camp chairs, coolers, and other camping essentials and head into the front country for a few days of in-tents fun!


AVAILABLE MAY - OCT: Get fully outfitted with ultralight high-quality gear to set foot on one of the many epic trails in Glacier National Park and surrounding areas.


AVAILABLE YEAR ROUND: Get your MT adventure started with an awesome Jeep from our partner Glacier Jeep Rentals (only a couple miles from our Wilderness Edge facility & the Kalispell airport).

How to Pull Off Your Last Minute Camping and Backpacking Trip to Glacier Country, Montana

Northwestern Montana’s natural wonders - big mountains, glaciated slopes, alpine lakes, wide meadows - definitely draw crowds. And for good reason! The area caters to a wide range of outdoor minded visitors, with tons of opportunities for all ages and skill levels. Hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and rock climbing are just a few of the activities you can pursue here!

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Our Area Partners

Find a guide service, outfitter, hiker shuttle and more. Our partners are trusted professionals and companies who we believe have the same respect for the wilderness and passion for helping people of all abilities explore it more safely and confidently.

Glacier Institute

The Glacier Institute provides a wide range of guided hikes, camps, and educational programs for all ages and abilities. From personalized hiking tours to kids' camps, and week-long nature courses, they promise to connect you with the natural world like never before and provide you with an experience you’ll never forget. GI believes you deserve to fall in love with the natural world and gain a little extra meaning you can carry with you throughout your life. Join them to make the most of your trip to Glacier Park.

Glacier Jeep Rentals

The Glacier area's premier overland vehicle rental location. Glacier Jeep Rentals rents high quality-late model Jeeps and Yukon/Tahoes, fun side-by-side off-road vehicles, large pontoon boats, roof top tents, RightOnTrek camping sets and RightOnTrek adventure meals. Bring your Montana adventure to the next level, and access areas for camping and exploring that others rarely see, with a vehicle from Glacier Jeep Rentals in Columbia Falls.

Glacier Anglers & Outfitters

Glacier Anglers & Outfitters is the retail storefront of the Paddle Ridge and Glacier Raft Company. They are our premier partner in West Glacier, located just a couple miles from the West Entrance to Glacier National Park. GAO maintains RightOnTrek pickup / drop-off lockers for quick/easy gear access just outside their main entrance. Glacier Raft Company has an extensive use permit and can take you there if you want to raft or fish the Great Bear Wilderness, Middle Fork, North Fork, or Main Stem of the Flathead River.

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