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What services does RightOnTrek provide?
We provide a free hike planning tool that makes it easier to plan long distance and multi-day hiking trips on trails we have made available. Visualize your route, see elevation gain and loss, daily mileage, and plan out your campsites, water supplies, and resupplies all within our hike planner.
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How do I start planning my hike?
Start by signing up to create an account before you’ll be able to start planning your next backpacking adventure!
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How do I sign up?
You can create a new account via email or sign up with your Facebook or Google account. A confirmation email will be sent out to verify your email address. Please check your spam folder if the confirmation email doesn't show up in your Inbox in 15 minutes.
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I checked the spam folder, but still haven't received a confirmation email.
Please make sure you enter your email address correctly. Try to sign in again, and click the "resend the confirmation email" button to have the confirmation letter be sent again. In case you still haven’t received it, please reach out to us so we can help you.
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After I sign up, what are the next steps?
Click the "Plan a new hike" button at the home page or click the "My hikes" at the top of our site to start creating your hike plan. You can also check out our video tutorial on how to create a hike plan. 
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I can't log in. I'm getting an error pop up "Authorization via google only is available".
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This error means that you previously signed up via a google account, and not via an email and password. Try clicking on google (as shown in the picture) and you will be able to sign in to your RightOnTrek account.
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I can’t log in via Google+.
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It is likely that your browser is blocking a pop-up window. Try to unblock it by clicking to the right of your address bar. It'll then offer you to unblock the pop-up window. The icon should look something like the one in the picture.
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Is there a mobile app I can use?
We plan to offer a mobile app in the future. Meanwhile, you can use your mobile browser - there are no limitations on the mobile site.
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Is there any cost associated with the service?
No, the hike planner is absolutely free!
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How do I report a bug or issue?
Please let us know when you come across a bug or issue with our site! We can be reached through the messenger in the bottom right corner of our site as well as by email: