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Backcountry Meal Kit #3: Vegetarian

Backcountry Meal Kit #3: Vegetarian

Net Wt: 614g (1lb, 6oz)

2599 kCal

86g Protein

Start the day with a hot bowl of our creamy Savory Grits and a cup of coffee. Snack on a hearty meal bar. Lunch features a vegetarian charcuterie combo of 3-seed flatbread crackers, nori and sprouted-seed power wraps and some killer vegan jerky. End the day with our savory and mild Backcountry Chili, and top with extra hot sauce and even melt your chocolate bar inside if you dare.

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Description - What's in BMK#3

* note that meals are best cooked in a small pot (0.75L) instructions included on packaging,

Hot Breakfast:
Savory Grits and Coffee

Lunch & Snacks:
3-Seed Crackers, Texas BBQ Power Wraps, Hickory Smoked Vegan Jerky, Sweet 'N Spicy Trail Mix, Cherry Pie Bar

Hot Dinner:
Backcountry Chili, Chocolate Bar, Hot Tea.

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