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Backcountry Meal Kit #5: Classic

Backcountry Meal Kit #5: Classic

Net Wt: 661g (1lb, 7oz)

2619 kCal

93g protein

Start the day with a hot bowl of our creamy Savory Grits and a cup of coffee. Snack on premium dried fruit bars. Dig into a savory garlic and herb tuna for lunch with hearty flatbread crackers and savory trail mix. Our delicious, rich, and comforting Mac and Cheese is for dinner. Cap it all off with a mug of hot chocolate and a chocolate bar by the campfire.

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Description - What's in BMK#5

* note that meals are best cooked in a small pot (0.75L) instructions included on packaging,

Hot Breakfast:
Savory Grits, Coffee, Spicy Vegan Jerky

Lunch & Snacks:
3-Seed Crackers, Garlic & Herb Tuna, Energy Bar, Sweet 'N Spicy Trail Mix, Lemon Bar, Fruit Bar, Cherry Pie Bar

Hot Dinner:
Bechamel Mac & Cheese, Chocolate Bar, Hot Tea.

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