Many Glacier Campground (MAN)

Campground4,936 ftPet friendly - NoAccessibility - No48.79651, -113.67728
Many Glacier Campground is located on the east side of Glacier National Park near beautiful Fishercap, Swiftcurrent, and Josephine Lakes.
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Browning, MT 59417, United States

Coordinates: 48.796667, -113.676997

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Campground Code

Many Glacier has the code 'MAN'. 

All Glacier NP campgrounds have a three letter code.  You'll find the codes are used to mark campground locations on certain park maps - you'll also need to use them when filling out your permit application.

How to get there?

The campground is easily reached by car, it is located approximately 5 miles from the eastern Many Glacier entrance to Glacier NP and 22 miles from St. Mary, MT.

It's just west of the Many Glacier Ranger Station.

Contact information (Address, phone, etc)

You can check how to reserve a campsite on Glacier National Park’s website and book it on Recreation.gov.


Advanced reservations are available for June 11 - September 12.

Rules and Regulations

Campfires are allowed.

Stock use is prohibited.

Additional Information
Facilities and Services

The campground has 109 campsites, picnic tables, food storage lockers, fire rings, potable water, and restrooms.

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