13.8 mi∞ ft∞ ft

One of the more quiet and serene hikes in Isle Royale, Lane Cove Trail is an excellent out-and-back option for those who want to check out the fjord-like northeast side of Isle Royale - known as the Five Fingers.  The trail follows the shores of Rock and Tobin Harbors and climbs to the top of Greenstone Ridge near Mount Franklin. The route descends through diverse terrain and marshlands on the way to Lane Cove. 

Apart from Greenstone Ridge's magnificent vistas, a hiker will fall in love with mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets at Lane Cove. The wildlife here is fantastic. You'll have a chance to meet moose, fox, beavers, and swans; the bird watching here is great too! Wolves are present in this area, too, but rarely do people encounter them.

Rocky terrain and hiking up and over Greenstone Ridge can make the trail a bit tricky. Trekking poles can be a great helper here. Due to the wetlands, the trail can be flooded after heavy rains.

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