10.1 mi∞ ft∞ ft

The Chapel Loop is a trail of extreme beauty and an excellent short-route option within Pictured Rocks. One of the wonderful charms of the route is a sense of discovery. Each turn of the trail reveals a new attraction - waterfalls, Lake Superior, geologic formations, and sandy beaches await! 

Presumably, the trip's most desirable destination is Chapel Rock, an unusual formation with a pine proudly rising high above the sandstone. However, don't miss the multiple overlooks and two stunning waterfalls, Mosquito and Chapel Falls. 

Keep on the lookout for wildlife, as white-tailed deer, turtles, gray wolves, and, occasionally, moose are in the area.  And the variety of vegetation astounds - you can find pink lady's slippers, Canada Dogwood, dwarf raspberries, and arctic crowberries along the route. 

The trail is quite easy and perfect for beginners. There are mild elevation changes and minimum obstacles. 

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