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The Porcupine Mountains Loop is a stunning 32-mile trail nestled in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness. The trail is a hiker's dream, and offers a nice mix of everything from popular sights to remote areas of the Porkies. 

The path winds its way along the LIttle Carp River and its numerous  waterfalls to the gorgeous windy shore of Lake Superior. Then the trail takes you along the Big Carp River Trail with its mesmerizing falls, streams, and high peaks. Along the hike, you will relish the picturesque and expansive views of both the Escarpment ridge and Lake of the Clouds before dropping down into the low-land woods, marshes, and a secluded lake. This is an adventure you won’t forget!  

Keep on the lookout for wildlife - black bear, red fox, coyote, bobcat, striped skunk, and, occasionally, moose may be sighted in the park. 

The trail features several somewhat strenuous ups and downs, river-crossings, and an exposed ridge, which makes a trail a bit tricky and difficult for beginners. 

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