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Sioux-Hustler Trail is a 31-mile loop in the western part of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness near the Canadian border. The name of the trail combines two area highlights: the Little Indian Sioux River and Hustler Lake. The trail features several other magnificent lakes (such as Shell, Emerald, and Pageant), as well as the Devil’s Cascade waterfall. 

Moose, grouse, beavers, bears, and wolves are common in the area. Visitors are likely to encounter these inhabitants’ presence along their way which makes for an exciting hike. Red and white pine forests, beaver dams, marshes, glacial rocks, and scenic lake vistas help create the landscape. 

Sioux-Hustler is a quintessential remote wilderness trail with its pros and cons. It is a great option for experienced hikers seeking solitude and some challenge.

Some sections of the trail can be hard to pass due to downed trees and flooded areas. Deer flies and mosquitoes swarm the area in the summers. Please, have repellent with you. Finally, strong navigation skills are an absolute must-have for hiking here as the trail markers (cairns, flags, and cut trees) exist but are not so numerous. Use a compass, proper maps, and, if you’ve got it, a GPS.

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