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Angleworm Trail is a 13-mile loop around Angleworm Lake in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. A former forest service road, this well-maintained and frequently used trail features spectacular vistas of Angleworm, Home, and Whiskey Jack Lakes, pristine boreal forest and rocky ridges, Angleworm Lookout Tower, and some creek crossings.

There is a chance that you will be entertained by a bunch of loons or a squirrel. Moose and bears are present in this area too, but rarely do people encounter them. Among the large pines of the dense forest, hikers will discover pink lady's slippers, a variety of fungi species, mosses, and other noteworthy plants, of course, all depending on the season.

The terrain is quite challenging but without it, the Angleworm Trail would not be what it is! Going up and down the ridges edging the shoreline of the main lake you will be rewarded by the astounding scenic overlooks peeking through the woods now and then.

While providing a quintessential hiking experience, the trail has a pretty moderate degree of difficulty and is overall not really difficult to follow. However, some visitors report struggling with it, so bring topographic maps and a compass with you and be prepared to use them. Trail markers (rock cairns) are rare here.

If you are looking for winter hiking locations Angleworm Trail is a great choice.

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