17.6 mi∞ ft∞ ft

Superior, Big Carp, and Escarpment Loop has everything hikers could want when coming to the Porcupine Mountains. Passing through the heart of the park, the trail parades by majestic Lake Superior vistas, hugs the entire Big Carp River and its waterfalls, traverses around Miscowawbic and LaFayette Peaks, and features one of the most popular spots in the Porkies, Lake of the Clouds Overlook. 

Along your way, you may come across black bears, river otters, gray wolves, and porcupines (of course!)  And although sightings aren’t common, bobcats and lynx inhabit the Porkies Wilderness.  You’ll also enjoy magnificent old-growth forests and wildflower blooms, especially in May and June. 

This is a moderately strenuous hike, as the second part of the trail features river crossings and several elevation changes.

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