8.2 mi∞ ft∞ ft

Enjoy a secluded outing at the highest wilderness lake in the Porcupine Mountains, Mirror Lake at 1532 feet. Crossing the heart of the Porkies, North Mirror Lake Trail begins with the Lake of the Clouds Scenic Overlook, a striking spot with panoramic views over the Escarpment ridge and the big lake.  The route wanders around old-growth hemlock stands until it gets to serene Mirror Lake which is surrounded by magnificent pines and rocky ridges, most of which are climbable. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the lake, dive into its refreshing waters, or just soak in the magic sunset along the lakeshore. 

Though the trail is rated as moderate due to its short distance, you should be prepared to go through marshlands and have a somewhat strenuous ascent. Waterproof clothes and hiking poles can be a great helper here.

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