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Why RightOnTrek...
Are you looking for a unique, new, innovative brand of high-quality backcountry meals to offer? RightOnTrek has you covered.
All leading adventure meal products on the market today follow the same basic formula: pre-made, freeze-dried meals that are mass-produced with inexpensive, carb-heavy ingredients and stuffed into heavy packages to be rehydrated with boiling water. The resulting product is mediocre in taste, filled with preservatives and wrapped in indestructible foil and plastic pouches; packaging which will inevitably end up in landfills. RightOnTrek threw this old formula out the window and created something totally new: a meal that not only tastes great but keeps freshness, taste and sustainability at the forefront of our design.
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Proudly made in Montana

These Made-in-Montana ™ certified products are crafted in small batches of the finest ingredients and packaged fresh for same-season consumption. We manufacture our meals right in the Flathead Valley and use locally-sourced ingredients wherever possible.

Sustainable packing OIA Finalist
Innovative Sustainable Packaging

Our meals come in an industry-first, ultra-light, 100% bio-based packaging that can also stand up to the beating they’ll take on the harshest backcountry expeditions. Our packaging was nominated in the top 30 most innovative products at last year's Outdoor Retailer!

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More calories than the competition

Our recipes creatively adapt classic fares from around the world to a variety of diets and to the unique needs of backcountry travelers. With generous portion sizes engineered to fill you up after a long, hard day in the wilderness, these meals will help you recover and refuel for the next day.

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Cook-on-trail Revolution.

While aluminum based packaging allow for rehydrating meals right in the bag, it also stays around in landfills for a LONG TIME.  It may seem inconvenient to have to cook in a pot and clean it in the field, but we think the benefits far outweigh any perceived inconvenience.

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Who are we?

RightOnTrek, founded in 2018, is driven by the desire to remove the barriers that prevent the general population from spending time outdoors recreating and to help people integrate active adventures into their busy lives. RightOnTrek is striving to find more efficient ways to equip people to venture into the wilderness, safely, and to do so sustainably, without leaving a trace.

Our company headquarters are located just outside of Glacier National Park in Kalispell, MT, where many of our staff immerse themselves in their passion for the outdoors.  Montana is also where we design, manufacture, and test our backcountry meal products.  We strongly believe in protecting our natural spaces and are members of 1% for the Planet, a program where 1% of all sales are donated to nonprofit partners who help protect public lands in the US.

What makes RightOnTrek unique?
Simply put, our meals are different because we care about certain things. We care about the environment and we care about delivering tasty, high-quality food with optimal nutrition.
Unbelievably Delicious

Crisp vegetables, tender chicken, hearty grains, aromatic spices, savory beef, nourishing pastas, and velvety sauces...One bite and you won't believe you are eating food this good in the backcountry.

Only Good Things

In the wilderness, your body needs more than salty carbs, manufactured protein, and chemicals. We look for all-natural ingredients and use minimal fillers or preservatives.

Generous Portions

When we say “Feeds Two Hungry Explorers” we really mean it! Our backcountry meals come in at 500 to 600 calories per serving, compared with 300 to 400 of many competitors’ offerings.

Support for Diets

Our meals are carefully designed by our chefs, modeled after the diets of the world's foremost explorers, and tailored to your preferences.  We offer Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, No-Gluten Ingredients, and No-Dairy options. 

A thrill to prepare

Experience preparing and sharing special meals with friends, in the most amazing places on Earth. Our meals cook up fresh in 3 to 10 minutes, compared with the “soak times” of up to 30 minutes for some competitors.

Sustainable Packaging

Our unique packaging is 100% bio-based and 60% compostable. Wherever possible we source our third party products from companies that use compostable packaging as well. 

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