Meet Up. Gear Up. Head Out.

The Wilderness Edge is a first-to-market, revolutionary concept that provides 24/7 onsite self-service gear rental, food and wilderness essentials vending, wifi, and charging stations for backcountry travelers and front country hikers. The Edge is located in Columbia Falls, MT, near Glacier National Park. 
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Meet up.

The Edge is a great place to start your journey. Your group can meet at the Edge and use our convenient picnic tables and field areas to get ready for your adventure. Charge your devices and drop your luggage in our secure storage.

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Stock up.

From day hiking essentials, car camping gear to ultra-light backpacking kits, this is the place to rent high-end, quality gear. You can also purchase basic wilderness essentials such as fuel, med kits, water purification tablets, maps, backcountry food and more.

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Pack up.

The Edge is a place where you can spread out your gear, survey what you have, pick up what you don't, and distribute the group gear amongst everyone so you can make sure you've got what you need, when you need it.

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Head out.

The Edge is conveniently within a 20 mile radius to Glacier National Park, the Bob Marshall Wilderness, Jewel Basin, Flathead National Forest, Hungry Horse Reservoir, Flathead Lake, and the Whitefish trails. 

The Edge: Solving problems for people and planet

There is a growing segment of the population, around the world, who own gear that helps them engage comfortably in outdoor recreation activities. For most of this population, any given piece of their gear will sit unused in the garage, basement or living room for 95%+ of the time. This creates a demand for cheap gear that is made from irresponsibly sourced materials, unethical labor and dirty energy. On top of this, when people do use their gear, they often pay extra to ship it, drive it or fly it to their far-off destinations; adding more to the impacts this gear has. The Wilderness Edge is a revolutionary new way to gear up for a backpacking, camping or hiking adventure. No longer do you have to maintain a closet of musty who-knows-what, or pack it all on the plane when you are only planning to hike for a few days of your trip. Let us worry about storing and cleaning gear.  The Edge is the perfect place to meet up with friends, gear up with high-quality rental stuff, purchase killer backpacking food and other wilderness essentials, and head out to your adventure, all close to the airport and close to your trail.

Reserve gear in advance for all your adventure needs.
Whether you are planning a short day hike and picnic in the park with the family, a car camping adventure, or a backpacking excursion, we’ve got you covered.
Backpacking Gear Rentals
Backpacking Gear

Our backpacking gear sets include high-quality, ultra lightweight top of the line gear for backpackers. Rent a full set or choose a-la-carte items such as tents, backpacks, cooking systems, sleeping systems, bear spray, Garmin GPS systems, trekking poles and more.

Camping Gear Rentals
Camping Gear

Our camping sets are perfect for adventurers who want to drive into their site or base camp. We have a selection of high-quality  and very comfortable gear to include coolers, tabletop stoves, kitchen/cook sets, dishes, chairs, tents, sleeping systems and more.

Snowshoe rentals
Day Adventures

Our day hiking / picnic sets include 40L day packs; comfortable outdoor picnic blankets; carbon fiber trekking poles; cooking systems including stove, pot, mugs, and sporks; bear spray, and in the winter MSR snowshoes!

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We work with guides.
Free delivery up to 500 miles from the Edge!

If you are a guide or guiding company we'd love to outfit your clients. We can travel up to 500 miles from our location in Columbia Falls, MT to drop off rental gear.  Delivery is FREE! Our convenient gear rental service allows you to expand your trip offerings without having to worry about the logistics of bringing gear for your participants or asking them to purchase it themselves. Complete flexibility in drop off location as well as option to have our staff on hand to help you outfit your group.

Visit the Wilderness Edge
Planning a group trip? We can deliver gear to you. Contact us for details.
We will work with you to outfit your group for all your adventure needs. Perfect for educational trips, weddings, corporate events, and other groups.
See what people are saying about the Edge
Google Review
Brie Fischer

"Can’t say enough good things about this establishment! Really cool concept on renting/ buying gear that allows you to get exactly what you need at anytime. We were lucky enough to catch Dave and Laice during regular hours, their kindness and knowledge was priceless! The food we got was great portions and tasted awesome (Chicken Coconut Curry was BOMB!). We will definitely be ordering more for all our backpacking needs back east. Definitely recommend stopping by!"

Google Review
Giang Huong

"We highly recommend Dave and his team at RightOnTrek. As we visited Glacier NP from Texas, getting gear rentals close to the park made the planning process so much easier when it came to logistics. We were able to choose what we needed and reservation went very smoothly. All gears and equipment are clean and of high quality. We really appreciate Dave’s prompt communication throughout the process and the team’s assistance to switch several backpacks to a smaller size quickly so that we could carry on our schedule. We enjoyed Glacier NP so much and hope to return in the future. We will definitely want to work with RightOnTrek again!"

Google Review
Barbara Otey

"RightOnTrek is a HUGE asset to the outdoor recreation community in the valley. They make it easy to rent gear and pick it up on your own time, rather than trying to coordinate your schedule around when a gear/outfitter shop is open for rentals. I have used RightOnTrek primarily for meals, and they are GREAT! I tolerate most freeze-dried backcountry meals because almost anything is edible after hiking/climbing all day, but I actually look forward to eating their entrees because they are tasty, have a good texture, and cook quickly. Unlike Backpacker's Pantry or other brands, these meals don't cook in the bag, because RightOnTrek has made their packaging biodegradable, so the food actually needs to be cooked in a pot. But since I was bringing a pot anyway to boil water, it was no extra weight for me. Their single size is perfect for one adventurer, filling but not too heavy, easily digestible, and quick to make! I have tried the Bechamel-style Mac & Cheese, Chicken Alfredo, Beef & Broccoli, and the Mushroom Egg Scramble, and I would eat all of them again."

Google Review
Michael Rhodes

"I had my first experience with RightOnTrek when I visited Glacier last week. I rented camping gear for my trip and wanted to let you know that it was a great experience working with the RightOnTrek team.

Their services came via a verbal recommendation from an employee of Rocky Mountain Outfitters. I called looking to rent equipment instead of flying all of mine out there and he suggested I look at RightOnTrek.

From the onset everything was great. I submitted questions via the live chat module on their site and the answers came back quickly. I had more questions and they took the time to answer things which gave me confidence for my upcoming trip.

When I hit the ground in Kalispell finding the Edge was super easy. They sent an email telling me where to find my equipment and how to access it making it super easy. I opened the lockers, loaded the gear and was headed to Two Medicine in minutes. Couldn't believe how easy it was.

I didn't use all the gear but what I did need was appropriate for my visit. The tent went up fast, the cooking elements lit every time I pressed the red ignitor and InReach mini was easier to use than anticipated. It was just me but there were bowls and plates for 4 and two coffee cups.

A surprise for me was how tasty the RightOnTrek adventure meals were. They were fantastic. The ease of use and especially the taste blows away the other brands that I've used. Without a doubt the best prepackaged camp food I've tasted.

Returning my gear was very easy as well. I arrived at the Edge where I saw the return containers. Dropped my gear in one, locked the lock and jotted my name on the bin. Away I went.

Overall, I was incredibly pleased with the experience. I will assure you that I will be purchasing more RightOnTrek meals and will certainly be sharing my experience with all of my friends. I'll be sharing it in my upcoming blog about my trip too.

Thank you again. Wishing you all the success as you grow RightOnTrek."

Google Review
Anthony Lorubbio

"Great logistical experience - everyone was very helpful in the planning stages of our trip. And the food was some of the best I've ever had while on a backcountry trip. Will absolutely use them again."

Frequently Asked Questions
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What is the "Wilderness Edge"?
The Edge is awesome!  The Edge is a unique concept in backpacking, camping and day hiking gear rentals, as well as food and essentials purchasing.  It is an automated locker system that allows outdoor adventurers to reserve gear online or to simply walk up to the "Edge"and rent on the spot.  We are trialing this concept at the "Edge" of

Glacier National Park

in Columbia Falls this summer. You can find more details on the Edge by visiting our Glacier page.
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What kind of gear do you rent?

We rent premium, ultralight backpacking equipment, high quality comfortable camping and day hiking equipment and latest model snowshoe equipment. Our gear comes from brands like MSR, Big Agnes, Patagonia, Garmin, and Granite Gear.

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What locations can I rent gear from?

If you reserve your gear online ahead of time, you can select pickup at either: Glacier Outdoor Center 12400 U.S. Route 2 West Glacier, MT 59936 The Wilderness Edge is also equipped for all your on demand gear rental needs. Stop by 24/7 and grab what you need from our smart lockers!

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How do I pick up my reserved gear?

Once you confirm your reservation and pick up location, you’ll receive an email from us with a locker number and its combination. On the day of, arrive at your pick up location and head to your locker - open it, grab your gear, and get going!

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How do I rent gear if I didn’t make a reservation?

No reservation? No sweat! Once you arrive at The Wilderness Edge head to the kiosk with the console screen. Select your desired items and number of days you want them, then input your contact information and insert your debit/credit card. After paying, locker doors will open revealing your selected gear.

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How do I purchase essentials at the Wilderness Edge?

While the Edge is known for its gear rental options, we also have ‘vending machines’ stocked with our Adventure Meals and other hiking essentials. Purchase items from the vending kiosk and they’re yours to keep!

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How do I drop off my gear?

At the Wilderness Edge, find an unlocked metal return locker, put your gear in, and close the padlock. At Glacier Outdoor Center, please return your gear to the same locker you picked it up from (using the same code as pick-up). Unless prearranged, please drop off gear at the location you picked it up from.

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What if the gear doesn’t fit me or an item is wrong?

From 9am-5pm: at the Edge, please ring the doorbell next to the Edge Shed door and someone will be out quickly to assist you. If you’re picking up from Glacier Outdoor Center, please ask a staff member to call our gear line. We can easily swap equipment AT THE EDGE for a better fitting size during these hours. After hours at either location, please call (406) 310-9476 for emergency assistance.

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What happens if my gear is lost or damaged during my time with it?

If pre-ordering online, we suggest that you consider adding a Gear Damage Waiver if pre-ordering online. Blemishes and normal wear are expected, but any rips, punctures, or other damage sustained during average use are only covered with the addition of a Gear Damage Waiver to your order. The waiver doesn’t cover damage caused by neglect, misuse or loss. In those cases, the renter will be responsible for covering the retail value of the item’s repair or replacement cost.

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What is your Gear Damage Waiver?

Our Gear Damage Waiver will cover any wear and tear caused in the course of the normal use of our equipment. It doesn’t however cover damage caused by neglect, misuse or loss. At this time the Gear Damage Waiver is only available for orders reserved ahead of time on our website. It costs $5/day per order.

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What payment options do I have?

All major credit cards are accepted.

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What is your reservation cancellation policy?

If you cancel more than two days in advance of your pick-up date, you will be refunded the full amount of your rental fee. Cancellations within two days of your pickup date will result in a charge for the full rental period.

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What if I return my gear late?

For any gear returned after the original return date, you will be charged the full daily rate for each additional day the equipment is out.

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Do you offer volume rentals or discounts?

We do offer volume rentals for guides and groups, and for some large orders, we offer free delivery within 500 miles of Whitefish, MT. Please reach out to us via telephone (406) 309-3479, ext 2 or email gear@rightontrek.com