About us

Woman-Owned Business.

Victoria is the architect of the company’s vision, the lead investor, and the company's chief evangelist. She is an accomplished technologist, serial entrepreneur, corporate executive, and philanthropist passionate about the protection and restoration of the environment. 

Victoria is also a serious backpacker and gearhead. She balances her busy career with frequent backpacking trips in her beloved Sierra Nevada, across North America and abroad. Mountains help her stay fit, inspired and grounded, on and off the trail. Victoria is always planning her next adventure with RightOnTrek tools and is usually the first to battle-test all new features and sample new recipes in the field.

Victoria standing with her dog in snowshoeing gear

Our Vision

RightOnTrek meals was founded on the premise that creating and eating good food can enhance the experience of a backcountry trip. Delivering tasty, high-quality food with optimal nutrition is one part of fulfilling this. We also believe in helping people to enjoy the cooking and eating experience as humans have for thousands of years; stirring and wafting the mouthwatering smells of hot food as it cooks over a hot fire (or stove). We believe in sharing hot food with friends and family, and the bonding experience that makes memories for a lifetime.
Underlying this vision for our food products is our belief in providing support for more people to get out into wild places and forge a deeper connection with the natural environment. In a broad sense, we believe that the transformative experience that comes from this personal connection to nature can result in a greater sense of duty internalized in everyone we serve to be good stewards and take actions on environmental issues. Our business is built around products that are designed to pair with adventures in wild places, and we recognize the importance of helping to preserve and protect these wild places.
In addition to impacting the experiences of our customers, we strive to continue setting a leading example in the world of packaged goods, and work up the chain of our ingredients suppliers to minimize the source environmental impact of our products.

Meet the Team

We are a tight-knit talented group of designers, innovators, production specialists and business people. By chance and by choice, we had the chance to coalesce around human powered advertectures in wild places and created RightOnTrek Next Generation Backcountry Meals.

RightonTrek team standing together in front of woods and shuttle


Logos of charity organizations Right on Trek partners with, with a mountain landscape background.
We recognize that partnering up with like-minded organizations is critical in order to make a bigger impact on the world and ensure that the wild places we design our products for are accessible to more people in this and future generations.
  • 1% for the Planet: We are members of the 1% For The Planet commitment and make regular in-kind and fiscal donations to local groups that support education and conservation efforts.
  • Leave No Trace: We are a corporate partner with the Leave No Trace foundation, and are actively working with them to incorporate educational material into our trip planning tools.


Giving Spotlight: Donation to support Ukrainian refugees

In May 2022, we arranged to donate a large amount of excess meals inventory to help with the (still ongoing) Ukrainian refugee crisis. We donated $40,000 worth of meals (over 2,000 lb shipment), consisting of over 5,000 servings of shelf stable food that could be cooked on a variety of simple stoves in the field conditions of refugee camps. The meals were trucked to the St George Ukrainian Catholic Church in NYC who had arranged a bulk air-cargo delivery of food and other essential supplies to refugee camps in eastern Europe.

Banner of Volunteers working in Ukraine with Right on Trek meals.