Our History

In the Spring of 2020 we launched the line of RightOnTrek meals with three objectives:

  • Address the market gap for high-quality, delicious, food with optimal nutrition for backcountry trips 

  • Design a product that would have minimal negative environmental impact and therefore align with the core values of people who love backcountry adventures 

  • Help people spend less time and money organizing quality nutrition and leave more time for the adventure

By late 2021, RightOnTrek Meals became the most active segment of our website in terms of customer engagement. Things grew steadily from there; with our product entry to retail stores across the mountain west in early 2022, expanding to over 25 states by the close of 2023.
RightOnTrek Food Services, Inc was officially incorporated as a subsidiary of RightOnTrek in 2023.

We are now 100% focused on creating and delivering high-quality products that help people enjoy the cooking and dining experience on all sorts of camping adventures.

Since late 2021 we have enjoyed having our home base in beautiful northwest Montana.

Our Mission

Our brand's mission is to help make outdoor adventures more accessible to people by offering hearty and wholesome meals to suit a range of tastes and diets while also using packaging materials that do minimal environmental harm. We believe that the quality and convenience of the RightOnTrek meals experience can help to foster a sense of togetherness, while also deepening personal connections with nature.


RightOnTrek meals was founded on the premise that creating, sharing and eating good food with friends and family on backcountry adventures is a key ingredient to the bonding experience and making memories for a lifetime.

We strive to create meals that are easy to cook and taste amazing by using high-quality ingredients that are combined to deliver optimal nutrition.

We stand by sourcing sustainable materials for packaging that do not diminish the quality of the very same outdoor experiences we want to help people enjoy. Our meals are designed for sharing a good dining experience with friends and family.

Our Team

RightOnTrek CEO Eric Boxer photo

Co-Founder, CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer

Eric Boxer

An explorer by nature, Eric discovered a true passion for the outdoors on adventures to the mountain west. Eric co-founded RightOnTrek Meals in 2019 with a professional background in energy efficiency engineering for buildings. He brings an analytical mindset to product design and business operations. Some past work of his includes launching a line of sustainably-sourced energy bars, which brought him more awareness of how the farming industry and its systems influence our environment. Having grown up in western NY, Eric heartily enjoys all-weather outdoor opportunities on trails, water and snow of the upper Flathead Valley with his young family.

RightOnTrek member Steve Smith photo

Director of Sales

Steve Smith

A Maine native, Steve moved to Bozeman, MT in 2008. Growing up in central Maine provided him with an abundance of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors--from canoeing the many lakes and streams in the state, to backpacking, and camping in Baxter State Park. When he's not skiing or mountain biking with his wife and two boys, Steve loves to fly fish, explore the Bob Marshall Wilderness, and spend time at hunting camp with his friends. Steve has twenty years of experience in sales and joined the RightOnTrek team in 2021.

RightOnTrek member Andrew photo

National Sales Manager

Andrew Sullivan

Andrew has touched just about every aspect of the outdoor industry, and has been an integral member of the RightOnTrek team since 2022. Along with an extensive history in outdoor retail and buying, he’s been a thru-hiker, guide, and consultant. As someone who’s done a lot of work encouraging people to get outdoors, he feels some responsibility for stewardship on his own end, which is why he’s glad sustainability is always a part of the conversation with RightOnTrek Meals.

Production and Quality Assurance Manager

Nic Soltis

On a visit to Montana in early 2023, Nic fell in love with the Flathead Valley. She returned home to Minneapolis, sold her house, packed up her animals and moved here two months later. She has a newfound passion for the outdoors and loves to spend her free time exploring Glacier National Park, paddle boarding, mountain biking, camping and trail running with her dogs. Nic joined RightOnTrek in April 2024 after spending the last 12.5 years working for a large pet food company based out of MN.

Inventory Manager and Customer Support

Alexander Toshchev

Alex joined the RT team in 2019 to use his many years of experience in retail and logistics to establish procurement processes in the company. Thanks to this fateful decision, Alex discovered an incredible world of outdoor activities, which he had not previously been very interested in, and fell in love with mountains, hiking, and trailrunning, which he began to popularize in his city.

Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board

Victoria Livschitz

Victoria is an accomplished technologist, serial entrepreneur, corporate executive, and philanthropist passionate about the protection and restoration of the environment. She began her career as a leading specialist in distributed computing, was named System Engineer of the Year and Chief Architect of Automotive at Sun Microsystems, then went on to work at Sun Labs where she became a member of a small technical team that built the world’s first public cloud. She has started a number of companies, including Grid Dynamics, an early leader in the cloud engineering space and now a publicly traded tech company. Victoria was the principal founder of RightOnTrek, and will always be a philanthropist that loves to share her passion for the environment. 

Crafted with Quality

  • Source the best ingredients.
  • Carefully test recipes over and over until they are perfect.
  • Carefully test prep instructions so you will have success.
  • Intentional packaging design that makes sense for backcountry adventures.

What Sets RightOnTrek Meals apart

  • Generous portions
  • The cooking and dining experience
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Better taste, texture and nutritional value (insert a testimonial)
  • Read more about why we believe in the cook-in-the-pot experience