If you’re looking for good food, you've found the right place.

Cooking RightOnTrek Banana Bread Oatmeal on a camp stove

Active Cooking ...

We bring back involvement in the food creation process - just like at home but easier.

Our food is ready faster (5 to 10 mins vs 10 to 30 mins). And it's HOT when ready (vs lukewarm in a bag) - this is especially noticeable at high-altitudes (where you’re likely to be cold!).

Our food also has better texture - we choose ingredients that are designed to cook, not just turn to mush.

This also means no hidden dry/powdery spots, and food that's easier on the stomach

... vs Soaking

Just-add-hot-water means your meal is luke-warm or cold by the time it’s ready.

The stated rehydration times for other just-add-water meals range from 10 to 30 minutes. These times are tested at 5,000' - or even at sea level. The rehydration time DOUBLES as you go from 5,000’ to 10,000’ elevation.

Meanwhile, your warm meal just gets colder and colder as it soaks in the pouch. There is nothing worse than waiting 20 to 40 minutes for your food and finding it’s already cold by the time it’s soft enough to eat…

Two people sharing RightOnTrek Bechamel Mac and Cheese on top of a mountain

Portion sizes ...

... that you can really share

Would everyone cook their own dinner at home and sit in a corner and eat from a bag? Why do that on your outdoor adventures?

Plus, our 2- and 4-portion size bags mean you can cut the bulk and the packaging by 50% or more!

RightOnTrek savory mountain grits 1 person meal package on rocks

Sustainable packaging

Most products out there come in packaging that’s designed to serve convenience and long shelf life. We do better:

  • We use materials and packaging methods which reduce bulk / waste while still preserving food for plenty of time
  • Our primary packaging & manufacturing process doesn't contain plastics which harm the environment
  • Our primary, 100% bio-based, packaging stays dry and can be brned - nobody wants to carry goopy and heavy trash!
  • Our secondary packaging, just coming on line for some 1P meals, is #2 recyclable PE.

Common questions about our meals:

How do I cook RIghtOnTrek Meals?

Our meals aren't meant to be rehydrated with hot water in the bag, so you cook them in the pot just like you would on your stove at home. Out in the field, you will need a pot and a lightweight portable stove that boils water and simmers on lower heat. Easy-to-follow cooking instructions are printed on every package.

What is the shelf life of your meals?

RightOnTrek meals are made to fuel your next adventure, not just to sit on the shelf. Our meal products are rated for a shelf life of up to 18 to 30-months. Our manufacturing occurs on a rolling basis, so the remaining shelf life on your shipment may vary. To ensure optimum shelf life over a long period, we recommend storing the meals in dry indoor environment with relatively stable temperatures.

Can I burn the bag?

Burning our bio-based pouches, if necessary for ease of transport, is just fine. If your meal came with front / back labels, be sure to remove those first. Please do so while taking into account the Leave No Trace principles for low-impact campfires:

  • Follow local and seasonal regulations for permission to have campfires
  • Avoid campfires that will leave burn scars on hard surfaces or large trees
  • Make sure the smoke from your fire does not affect other campers' experience
  • Make sure the fire is 100% out when you leave
  • Pack out any trash that did not burn completely to ash

Our bio-based meal pouches will not off-gas any dioxins or heavy metals in the process, but we encourage you to distance yourself from the smoke.