Cooking RightOnTrek Banana Bread Oatmeal on a camp stove

Cooks Fast & Ready Hot

Experience preparing and sharing special meals with friends, in the most amazing places on Earth. When you cook a RightOnTrek meal, you get a meal that's cooked fresh for the first time and is ready in less than 10 minutes. This allows us to use innovative and eco-friendly packaging that aligns with our commitment to sustainability.

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Quality Ingredients (only the good things)

RightOnTrek meals use the highest quality, all-natural ingredients. Preservatives and filler ingredients are cut to a bare minimum, and our meals offer lower salt content compared to our competitors.

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Person eating RightOnTrek Hearty Beef Bolognese

Generous Portions

When we say “Feeds Two Hungry Explorers” we really mean it! Our backcountry dinner meals come in at 500-600 calories and 20-44 grams of protein PER SERVING.

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Two people sharing RightOnTrek Bechamel Mac and Cheese on top of a mountain

Dietary Variety

Outdoor adventures demand solid nutrition. Our meals are design for the added demands we place on our bodies, and we offer Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, No-Gluten ingredients, and Non-Dairy options to suit your preferences.

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Awards and Recognition

Awarded Best Budget Backpacking Meals by Switch Back Travel
Incredible two-person portion bags that actually feed two people, via CNN understored