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The trail is
our therapy,
our gym,
our corner bar,
our kitchen table,
our movie theater and our school…
Anastasia Voronkova, founding product manager,
When was the last time
you were truly happy?

Tired feet, a full tummy, a smoky campfire, the gentle rush of a nearby creek, and a glimpse of that last ray of golden sun between the snow-capped mountain peaks. Backpacking across breathtaking landscapes, traversing forests and valleys, crossing rivers, climbing high passes, descending into deep canyons, you discover things about yourself that cannot be understood any other way.

Whether you know this happiness from past adventures or you have been waiting to discover how it feels for the first time - you’ve come to the right place!

We at RightOnTrek want to make epic outdoor adventures accessible to new hikers and lifelong mountaineers alike. Amazing backcountry experiences need a great itinerary that is matched to your pace; high tech tents and fitted backpacks that are light and durable; delicious and nutritious trail meals with minimal preservatives; and the right navigational tools, including maps and a satellite communication device. We want you to feel confident finding your way around the wilderness, and return safely with memories that will last a lifetime.

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Our story

RightOnTrek was founded by a group of friends and backpacking buddies from Silicon Valley. In 2017, we completed the 211-mile John Muir Trail in the High Sierra. During that epic adventure, we developed a shared dream: to open up similar adventures to millions of people who don’t have the knowledge, experience, or equipment for a multi-day backpacking vacation. 

Within the group, we had all the capital and skills to turn that dream into this company. Six months later, in October 2018, the first version of RightOnTrek.com went live. Since then, thousands of people have discovered our site and used the tools to plan their backpacking trips.


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Our team

Victoria Livschitz photoVictoria LivschitzFounding Chairman of the Board and Principal Investor

Victoria is the architect of the company’s vision, the lead investor, and the company's chief evangelist. She is an accomplished technologist, serial entrepreneur, corporate executive, and philanthropist passionate about the protection and restoration of the environment. 

Victoria is also a serious backpacker and gearhead. She balances her busy career with frequent backpacking trips in her beloved Sierra Nevada, across North America and abroad. Mountains help her stay fit, inspired and grounded, on and off the trail. Victoria is always planning her next adventure with RightOnTrek tools and is usually the first to battle-test all new features and sample new recipes in the field.

Max is an experienced backpacker whose insights are instrumental in planning and validating all product features. He brings a wealth of experience in building successful digital technology platforms. At RightOnTrek, Max is the sounding board on all principles decisions and technology advisor to the engineering team. 

Outside of RightOnTrek.com, Max holds a CTO role in a major technology services company. Max is also a published author of a book on digital transformation and frequent speaker on technology conferences.

Max Martynov photoMax MartynovCo-founder, Investor and Board Member
Anastasia Voronkova photoAnastasia VoronkovaFounding Product Manager

Anastasia helps to shape the RightOnTrek product vision and works with the digital product development team to make sure that this vision indeed turns out into tangible and tasty new features for our customers.

Anastasia comes from a corporate career in building digital solutions for large retail and investment banking clients. Along with the experience came the need for more meaning, creating value and positive change for the world than just helping the client with their profits. At about the same time Anastasia started enjoying backpacking with Victoria and Max, RightOnTrek was born and the puzzle solved.

Duran co-founded RightOnTrek in 2018 with Victoria and Max, and since then has taken on many roles from marketing to social media, and finances to operations. With his degree in Geography and Environmental Studies with a minor in GIS from UCLA, he is working to put RightOnTrek on the map as the premier platform for planning outdoor adventures.

As an Eagle Scout, he developed a great love for the outdoors growing up, and through RightOnTrek, wants to help others share in those same experiences through hiking, camping, and backpacking. In his free time, Duran plays quidditch, travels, and plays board games. One of his goals is to visit all of the national parks in the US and he’s been to over half of the national parks so far!

Duran Allison photoDuran AllisonCo-founder & Head of Operations
Eric Boxer photoEric BoxerFood Operations Manager

Eric directs development and production efforts for the RightOnTrek meal kits division.
He has been a life-long outdoor enthusiast for extended excursions on the road less traveled via canoe, bicycle, skis, and foot. These adventures give Eric access to an inner stillness and connection to the world. This helped to guide his early engineering career in sustainable energy engineering for the built environment. Recently, Eric has set the intention to make a move into the outdoor industry. In 2017, Eric launched his own line of energy bars that use sustainably-farmed ingredients. He is now thrilled to be part of the RightOnTrek team working toward a shared vision for helping more people to get in touch with their wild side.

Our promise

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  • We work tirelessly

    to build a great platform to help people get out and experience the magic of the Great Outdoors through multi-day backpacking adventures, create a lifetime of memories, and become a better version of themselves in the process.
  • We approach the design

    of all products with affordability in mind - making access to physical products, such as gear and food, as economical as possible and access to technology as open as possible, without sacrificing safety or quality.
  • We care deeply

    about the environment and do everything in our power to arm our customers with knowledge and products that minimize the negative impact of our activities on the environment.
  • We give time and money

    to protect the Great Outdoors and turn it over to our children in better shape than we found it.
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